Video Call-To-Actions: Definition, Types, Components & More

video call to actions

Signs of video as the next big thing in marketing are all clear. From it taking the larger share of global internet traffic to thousands of brands crediting it for their marketing success, one can’t just afford to ignore it any longer. It must feel good if you already created or are in the process…

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Learn What You Never Knew About Interactive Marketing Videos

interactive marketing videos

You’ve heard it said countless times: Video is now the king of marketing. And this could go on for the next couple of years, according to various statistics. Brands that have used/use video speak of it positively, and since everyone is about to get on-board, only those who innovate have a chance of standing out…

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Why You Should Embrace 360 Video Advertising Marketing Now

360 video advertising

One uncomfortable thing the advertising landscape has had to put up with lately is the ever-changing ways and methods of staying connected with an audience. It all starts when a new technology pops up and finds its way into advertising. Virtual reality (VR) is an example we can all relate to. First, it seemed like…

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What You Didn’t Know About Video Landing Pages

video landing pages

To a savvy marketer, landing pages are a necessity on a website. And this is why: No one doubts their potential to give positive ROI. If the term sounds new to you, we’ll simplify its meaning for your sake. Quite simply, this is a website page complete with a lead form and whose main goal…

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Emerging Roles of Virtual Reality in Advertising

virtual reality in advertising

When rumors about it began to spread, virtual reality (VR) seemed like one of those exaggerated scenes in Sci-Fi movies that we often treat as a load of hot air. But turns out many of us were really wrong about it. Virtual reality is a reality now. If you’ve never figured it well enough, here’s…

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How to Get Clients for Video Production (3 Practices to Start Now)

One of the main concerns for small businesses, whether you’re a one-man show or a team of employees, is how to find and retain more clients. If you want to distinguish your video production business from your competitors and learn how to find clients for video production, it will undoubtedly take some investment and effort,…

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How to Buy & Convert Leads Online

You’ve probably come across multiple articles, each with a different view on the issues revolving around purchasing online leads. But this isn’t unusual as almost every investment does attract mixed views. In this case of leads, some insist it’s just too expensive to purchase them. A good number think it’s a high-risk investment no business…

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How to Get Clients for Digital Marketing (3 Innovative Strategies)

People are the most important part of any business, right? From your employees to your clients to your leads, your own marketing efforts for your digital marketing agency should revolve first and foremost around the people. When you’re looking for ways to get new digital marketing clients, focusing on the value your company provides to…

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How to Generate More Leads for Business (3 Concepts You Need to Master)

how to generate more leads

Every marketer wants to know that one secret to astounding lead generation success. The reality is, however, that in the ever-shifting digital landscape of today’s B2B and B2C marketing world, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for successful lead generation strategies. Because each business is unique, you’ll want to investigate for yourself how to generate more…

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Lead Generation Ideas for B2B (5 Best Methods to Try Now)

lead generation ideas for b2b

The success of your business depends in large part on the people connected with it. This means that B2B lead generation strategies must focus on not only your product or service, but the people involved. Of course you want to get leads, but you don’t want them to turn into simply a number or a…

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