How to Use Online Video Production (Plus 3 Features Your Video Needs)

online video production

Online video production is more important than ever in the constantly fluctuating world of digital marketing. Video ads’ click-throughs are significantly higher than image or text-based ads, and the best part is that you can personalize video and make it interactive in a way that text and images alone can’t. With YouTube and Facebook essentially…

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Video Editing Business Ideas (4 Tips For Succeeding In 2017)

video editing business ideas

Video marketing is a train that seems to keep on a chugging no matter what. Companies and businesses all across the globe have realized that this is much more than a quick flash in the pan. Video marketing is a massive new movement in the advertising/promotion world, and it’s here to stay. There are many…

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Video For Business Promotion (How To Rule With It In 2017)

video for business promotion

Starting a business is no easy task. In fact, it’s one of the most grueling ventures that you can choose to embark on. However, once all is said and done and your business starts to see success, you know that all of that hard work and effort was well worth it. There are a lot…

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Video Content Marketing: 6 Types Of Video That Make The Sale

video content marketing

You’ve heard it all before. That video is the way of the future, and to have successful marketing campaigns, you have to use video. True as those statements may be, that doesn’t make the path to a great video content marketing strategy any more clear. Understanding A Successful Video (Sales) Funnel There is a process…

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How to Make a YouTube Intro Fun & Smart (With These 4 Tips)

how to make a youtube intro

Video marketing is a subject that has many talking points, and one that’s nearly unavoidable when discussing it is YouTube. YouTube is the world’s largest and most popular platform for uploading and sharing videos with the entire world. However, as easy as it is to create a YouTube channel and publish your content, do you…

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How To Make A Whiteboard Video (By Following These 3 Steps)

how to make a whiteboard video

In the video marketing world, it’s important to stay in the know of any trends that are currently taking place. Doing so will allow you to remain relevant and in the center of people’s attention, but failing to keep up with this ever-changing industry will see you quickly getting pushed to the wayside. Whiteboard video…

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How Videos Are Proving Beneficial For Real Estate Agent Marketing

best video marketing

Real estate agent marketing is a business of trust, trust between the real estate agent and the buyer. Real estate videos make it possible to build trust through creating live displays of the value of real estate properties. Commercial real estate marketing is a visual business and real estate agent marketing has gone beyond using…

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10 Exciting Ways Video Will Multiply Your Marketing Efforts in 2017 (Infographic)

You put a lot of effort into creating your product, your website, and your marketing campaigns. That’s a lot of time, energy, creativity, and money spent to ensure that your product will achieve success. But are you truly making the most of each minute you get with your customers? Unless video is part of your…

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The 4 Best Marketing Videos (That Do Everything Right)

best marketing videos

Thanks to the growth and maturity of video creation tools, it’s now easier than ever to produce professional content that your audience will look forward to watching whenever you kick it out — even if it’s a marketing or promotional video. Various brands and businesses have produced some seriously great videos over the past few…

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How To Host A Video On Your Website (In 2017)

how to host a video on your website

I think that we can all agree that video is the current undisputed king when it comes to pushing out and promoting your content. The tools that we have at our disposal for creating and publishing video content have gotten ridiculously good over the years, and while everyone is trigger-happy to talk about this, no…

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