The Effectiveness Of Video Marketing (3 Reasons It Works)

effectiveness of video marketing

Everywhere you look, video marketing has come front and center. It may even feel like our lives are being over saturated with videos. With so much video content surrounding us, is effective video marketing possible anymore? These are completely normal things to start wondering about when considering video marketing. But the answer is simple: The…

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How To Use Video For Business (With 4 Simple Tricks)

video for business

Go ahead and jump online. There are a lot of different things you’ll see, but one of the most prominent ones right now has to do with video. At this day in age, it seems like everyone is doing video in some fashion — whether it be celebrities, educators, or just the average Joe. However,…

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4 Video Marketing Ideas (That Get Results In 2017)

best video marketing

If there was one word to describe video marketing, that word would be “expansive.” The possibilities that you have at your disposal when it comes to running a video marketing campaign are virtually endless, and while this certainly sounds good on paper, it can often make coming up with solid video marketing ideas a bit…

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The Video Landing Page (3 Ways To Make It The Best Ever)

video landing page

With every day that passes, it seems that video is being used in a new and different way than it was the day before. This makes sense considering the extremely functional nature of video, but it can also make staying up to date with the latest video trends a bit complex at times. While video…

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How To Master Video Email Marketing (With 3 Tips & Tricks)

video email marketing

Video is an amazingly powerful tool with possibilities that can truly seem limitless at times. Marketers are finding new and exciting ways to implement video into their workflow every single day, and one of the recent trends that we’ve become huge fans of recently is that of video email marketing. Email marketing is something that’s…

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5 Video Marketing Statistics You Need To Know (New For 2017)

video marketing statistics

The world of marketing has changed so much over the past few years. While the core principles and ideals of promotion/advertising will always remain the same, the way that we go about doing so is evolving all the time. Video marketing is one of the most popular recent changes to the marketing landscape, and as powerful…

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How To Learn Video Marketing

learn video marketing

If you want to run successful video campaigns, you need to expand your knowledge about video marketing, standard practices, and what makes a video click with your audience. Honestly, it can be overwhelming. 93% of marketers are using video. Where do you begin when you’re venturing into the crowded world of video marketing? The best…

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Charles Edgerton Closes 100K Deal with VideoRemix

videoremix white label partnership

Listen To Charles Edgerton’s Full Interview Below:   Just recently Adam, one of our VideoRemix consultants sat down with VideoRemix customer, Charles Edgerton, to discuss how he closed his first 100K deal. Charles has an internet marketing company and leveraged VideoRemix to get his first 100K client. He closed a one year contract for 100K…

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Real Estate Video Marketing Tips (3 Things You Should Do)

real estate video marketing

Video marketing is a tool that everyone who owns a business or brand should be making use of, but in today’s article, we’re going to be focusing specifically on real estate video marketing. Video marketing is often brought up when discussing online startups and other Internet-based companies, but video marketing for real estate agents has…

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The 4 Best Explainer Videos (These Ones Get It Right!)

video marketing strategy

There are a lot of different ways to go about using video marketing as a tool for your business, and while advertising and promotion via video has taken on a number of forms over the years, one of the most popular is that of explainer videos. Explainer videos do what their title suggests — they…

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